I am thirty-five years old and extremely passionate about video games. I’ve been playing video games for thirty years. =)

I’ll mostly be posting my intentionally attempted spoiler free thoughts on games I’ve recently completed and then some other video game related stuff. I’m uneducated and new to writing. Video games are just my deepest passion and always have been so I finally took the advice of my friends from over many years and started to write about them.

I have no idea how to use most punctuation so please forgive me for that. I do get help when I can but instead of waiting for that help, I like to get my content out and at least read. I do my best on making it look good and easy to read. =)

I just made a new Facebook page where I will also be posting links to my recent “reviews,” (I prefer to refer to my reviews as “thoughts”) and links to any game related articles that I think are more interesting than most. I’ll also be sharing noticeable game sales, beta keys for upcoming F2P games and the like. Just awesome game related stuff without the spam of meme’s.

Please join us. =) https://www.facebook.com/GermaximussVideoGameWorld


Please give me your feedback! I'll get back at ya soon.

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