Resident Evil Revelations Campaign Completed

Resident Evil Revelations has been a nice surprise. I wasn’t very happy with the demo of the game. There wasn’t a whole lot to go on. I did think it was neat, but I really don’t care for these third-person Resident Evil titles. I miss the first 3 games camera angles so terribly bad. The camera angles in those games are what really gave the survival-horror its true effect.

Revelations managed to make me feel like I was playing the first game again, but in third-person. It surely doesn’t have the same exact feel as the first, but there is a familiarity. The music is good and set the mood nicely, and even some of the dialogue is pretty cheesy (not that I prefer cheesy dialogue). It doesn’t offer the same shock factor as the first three games unfortunately. There are a few really cool spots in the game that made me go “Whoa!” but it’s still not quite the same. The scenery reminds me a lot of the original game too. The areas of the boat you will explore are absolutely gorgeous. It made me think of the Titanic.

resident evil revelations beauty

The game plays out in episodes, which I liked. Each episode has a few chapters, and once you move on to the next episode you get a recap of the most key moments of the previous episode. I liked it a lot since I have a terrible memory. It really helped me maintain the thread of the story.

The game is really linear, but it does reward exploration. There are some little corners and dead-end paths you can explore that can lead to extra ammo, herbs, or weapon upgrades. There are several different types of guns offering a really nice variety to play with. I was surprised at all the weapon types and customization you could do. And none of it distracted me or took me out of the mood of the game. It was comfortable.

My favorite new mechanic was the scanner. The scanner reveals hidden items in rooms and hallways, offering even more extra ammo and weapon upgrades. I thought it was pretty neat, and it also contributed to the games exploration, not a lot of course, but it was a nice addition.

Another thing I really loved was the removal of the insane inventory micro-managing. Oh what a relief that was. Not that I hated it in the original game or anything, but it’s nice to have moved away from that. You don’t have a bottomless inventory, but you don’t need to manage the living crap out of it either.

resident evil revelations sharks

My final favorite new thing was the underwater scenes. The controls kind of sucked on them. You can’t strafe underwater so you have to always center your camera to move forward. It was more annoying than problematic. Control issue aside, swimming was really neat.

The bosses are epic! I had never thought it would be possible to make a grotesque but somehow still sexy zombie. That was definitely aresident evil revelations grotesque sexy highlight, too funny. There was one boss in particular that was pretty silly because you literally don’t move as you fight it. You just stand there and shoot. It was a neat scene, and the creature itself was cool, but the fight was just derp. So other than that one, the bosses were very cool.

There’s a dodge mechanic which is neat, but I never did figure out exactly how it works. Every time I tried to do it when I wanted to, it wouldn’t work, but then it would work when I really didn’t care. Fortunately you can run past enemies and even strafe around them. There were a few fights where I would strafe around the enemy and just keep poking them with my dagger or axe. (You don’t stand in place while melee’ing!) It was funny and fun but certainly not perfect, nor reliable.

Something I really enjoyed that was both funny and annoying was that I could run past enemies into the next door and just completely avoid them. The reason it was funny was because sometimes I could tell the enemies were put there to purposefully force you into killing them. I’d just run right by them anyways. Sometimes enemies would block the next door, and I’d just walk up to them and squeeze myself behind them and walk through it. Other times I was forced into fighting off waves of monsters that pretty much ran me completely out of ammo. I kinda liked those too. I only got annoyed once when I was at a part of the story that I really wanted to continue on with, and got stuck fighting off stupid waves.

I just realized I hadn’t even mentioned the story yet! Without spoilers, it’s a pretty decent conspiracy with a lot of crazy stuff going on. It kept me interested even though it was far from original, and it never really slowed down. Great pacing.

resident evil revelations jessicaA couple of things that were a little off to me – one of the characters Jessica is super hot, but for some reason she’s missing a pant-leg. Why? Not that I mind of course, it was just funny. Second, what’s with all the military story stuff? Just give me something to be scared about! Thankfully the military stuff in this game didn’t bore me like it did in RE5. Now that I’ve played this though, it makes me want to play 5 again. But then I think about how terrible 5 is, and I don’t.

I really liked Revelations. As usual, it has the best version of the Tyrant in the Resident Evil games. (I haven’t played 6). There are a few more cool things I want to tell you about but I would consider them spoilers so I’ve left them out.


New Gaming PC – What I’ve Been Playing

Hey guys! So I got a new gaming PC. It was a birthday present. It’s also my first gaming PC ever and oh boy… I had no idea just how different the world would be with a real actual gaming PC. It certainly helps with the multiplayer games! My gosh.

I believe the very first game I started with on my new gaming PC was Grand Theft Auto IV. I never really played much of the game. I don’t have a lot of interest in being a criminal and killing good guys. Fortunately in GTAIV you’re mostly killing other bad guys. The reason I played this game first was because even though the graphics are not that great, my old PC could not run it smoothly on the highest settings, and I had to run it on medium just to be able to really play. It always drove me nuts cuz seriously the graphics are not that intense… without mods that is.

gtaiv bike

The first time I saw a video for the icEnhancer mod blew my mind. Many of the big gaming sites had shared it awhile back. I wasn’t playing the game at the time, but I was still very impressed with what the mod could do. I knew my old PC would have been nowhere close to handling it. So, after running GTAIV for the first time on my new PC on the highest settings just to have a look, I then went out and got the mod. It makes the game especially enjoyable for me because I basically get to play from start to finish as a brand new experience as if it were a brand new game. And it sure does look amazing. I still can’t get over how a fan-made mod can do this. The creator has been working on an update that makes the game photo-realistic! I plan to write more about my actual gameplay experience with GTAIV hopefully soon. More screenshots.

tomb raider

Then I played Tomb Raider which wasn’t too much of an improvement cuz thankfully the game was optimized really well and my older PC could play it on High settings pretty nicely. The tesselation effect is great though, and of course it runs a lot smoother on my new PC without any chugs in frame rates. (I don’t know technical stuff but I believe I’m explaining that right). The campaign doesn’t have the same exact true “experience” feeling as it did when I first played through it. That’s of course because I already experienced it all. Incredible game.

There’s nothing like going from 10fps to 30+ or whatever (I haven’t actually looked, but it’s friggin perfect) in a multiplayer match. And having graphics at ultimate settings has finally shown me why it’s so easy for people to get kills when you can’t see where they are. I’m always complaining about campers in shooting games, and they are still a problem, but being able to actually see across the map is a-whole-nother story. It was time to try some Far Cry 3. Here’s where playing on the highest settings in multiplayer finally stood out to me. What a difference! Chugging along in a campaign is quite tolerable to me, but it made multiplayer practically impossible to enjoy on my older PC. Now Far Cry 3 is one of my favorite multiplayer games.

Battlefield 3. The epic-nosity (did I just make that word up?) of this game always impressed me. The camping still annoys me (it always will in shooters, which is why I stopped playing them as often as I did when I was younger). Experiencing the full scale battle in ultimate settings is pure awesome. I was in a few games today on a team that dominated the opposing team and there was nothing to do except camp the enemies spawn. It was boring! I’m still not very good at Far Cry 3 and Battlefield 3 multiplayer. I’m not exactly terrible but I still need to learn the maps. It’s definitely a million times more enjoyable now that I can actually see around me clearly.

battlefield 3 mp

Need For Speed: Most Wanted! I love this game! The graphics are freakin gorgeous! Similarly to Tomb Raider it wasn’t a vast improvement, but it sure is noticeable. My old PC couldn’t even run actual Most Wanted races. Every time the cut-scene would start, my game would crash. So that was terrible and made me not wanna play more. And it was definitely on the chuggier side which made racing hard during some courses. Now I can play it much better since it runs smooth.

I was used to playing games from anywhere between 4 and 12fps for years. Of course I could have run them at higher frame rates if I had just lowered my graphic settings, but lowering the visuals was never really acceptable to me. I only did it if I absolutely had to. I’d rather play a beautiful looking game chugging along, than play it looking like crap. Graphics matter to me.

So… I wrote this just to share what I’ve been playing, and to basically let you know I haven’t died on my blog. I’ve been really busy writing stuff for my new gaming site and for ZoKnowsGaming, sometimes GamersRevenge, so I’m a bit busy with those.

Now for my PC specs! It’s a Vanquish Level 3 from Digital Storm. (You have to scroll way down to the bottom of the page to see the levels.) Here’s what it’s got:

Intel Core i5 4570 CPU
8GB 1600MHz Memory
CM Hyper 212 EVO Cooling
ASUS Z87 Chipset Motherboard
600W Corsair CX Power Supply

I have no idea what any of that means which is why I buy pre-built. I’m very happy with it so far. It’s as if it demands me for more! =)

GameSkinny – Why It’s My Favorite Gaming Site

There are a few sites out there that allow you to post your opinions, reviews, and whatever general thoughts you have concerning the video game industry such as Destructoid, IGN, GamesBeat, and others. But none of them are as cool as GameSkinny. Not only is GameSkinny a site full of news, reviews, and everything going on in the gaming world written by professionals, but  its large staff of great writers also help you make your own content look and read better!

After you submit your articles, the staff at GameSkinny comes to you. They offer advice. They even edit your post for typos or grammatical errors (which I always need help with!) Then they send you a message telling you what they changed and why.

GameSkinny has grown a ridiculous amount since I first discovered it a few months ago. There are more staff members and way more regular members posting like crazy on it. I really love that the site offers all the gaming news you would find anywhere else and more. But the content is also written by regular gamers and fans of games sharing what they’ve discovered. Gamers just like me who probably don’t know how to write properly but just want to share their thoughts and discuss the awesomeness of video games with other gamers.

On top of it all, if the staff at GameSkinny like the stuff you submit enough they’ll even promote your article to the front page of the site. GameSkinny made me feel like I was a professional writer for a gaming site without actually being a staff member there, before I started my own website and joined a couple of other websites as a writer. GameSkinny offers internships every few months or so, and I’ve seen a couple of my favorite writers join the staff. It’s pretty neat.

They even have a social wall type of deal. When you log in you get notifications of where and what the people you follow have posted. And the site is always improving. There’s always some new feature they’re working on, or an old one that they’re making even better. GameSkinny has everything: reviews, user reviews, news, user news, and culture. It’s a really good one-stop source for everything gaming and offers a personal feeling. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t make you feel like you’re actually a part of it. Check ’em out. =)

Dungeon Siege 3 – My Favorite ARPG So Far

I really love Dungeon Siege 3. I have no idea why it receives so much hate from fans of the first two games. Maybe because 3 is so linear? It may be linear but the gameplay is excellent and fun, and the graphics are absolutely gorgeous. Oh and guess what else? The story is pretty good too! The story won’t blow your mind or anything but it’s good, and long. As with a lot of games, I took my time with this one. Sometimes I would play a really long session, but then I wouldn’t play for a month or so. So there’s probably some really cool stuff I could mention that I’ve completely forgotten. I just have too many games to play! Below are my impressions of almost 40 hours of solo gameplay in a single campaign.

dungeon siege 3 body

The gameplay is very similar to Diablo style games but offers you control with the W, A, S, and D keys. (You can use a controller. I haven’t so I don’t know what the controls are like on that.) Better still is the fact that you can remap the keys! If you prefer the point-and-click action you can still do that also. The controls are a bit funky to get used to at first but once you do they work great. I played as the monk/wizard guy – Reinhart. The really cool thing about the combat in the game is that you can switch between two types of playstyle on demand which is actually necessary but doesn’t feel forced either. Reinhart switches between using magic from a distance and meleeing his enemies. Each form of combat has three different special offensive abilities on top of your basic attack, and three defensive abilities. While you only have a few special attacks per combat form, it really adds a nice variety of moves to play with.

I want to tell you how mana works because I think it’s pretty cool and is the reason that it’s necessary to switch between your combat styles. You gain mana just by using your basic attack on enemies, so you’re never really limited to one type of attack. You can use magic as much as you want but you do need to use your basic attack just as often. You can burn up your mana by casting your most powerful spell repeatedly if it doesn’t have a cooldown (and chain different spells of course), but you won’t be able to spam spells without having to switch to basic attacks to get enough mana back to keep it up. I really like the way it works, it’s a nice fluid mix of combat.

dungeon siege 3 level up

While you level up you can customize your abilities in the talent trees. Eventually you’ll basically fill out every single talent by the end of the game. There are two types of talent trees. One tree enhances your abilities with increased damage, bonus effects like damage over time, or longer durations of spell effects and such. The other tree enhances your characteristics with improved defense, magic power, crit chance, or how much gold you get from drops; stuff like that.

dungeon siege 3 world

Most of the world of Ehb is pretty dark. It’s still very beautiful though and extremely detailed. As an artist I can see the intricate details that went into the design of the buildings, characters, even the armor, and it really impresses me. Especially since it’s an ARPG. Not that ARPG’s look bad or anything, but this is definitely the most visually detailed one I’ve played. I think Diablo 3 is gorgeous but Dungeon Siege 3 is even better looking in my opinion which is even more impressive since it’s an older game. I didn’t realize how dark the world was until I was going through my screenshots looking for a reminder of some of the things I’d done in the game. It’s all pretty dark but there’s a wonderful mix of beautiful light and lightened area’s in the cities as well. There is a really great mix of travelling out in the open world, and exploring dungeons. There are so many different and truly beautiful locations to enjoy. I can’t say enough how impressed I am with the graphics.

There are multiple paths to take while traversing the world and dungeons but it is pretty linear. Fortunately I really liked the story and the gameplay so I didn’t get bored by its linearity. While playing through the game you meet up with each of the different characters you can play as, and they will join you as a companion and fight alongside you. You will get to choose which one sticks around. During a lot of the story you get to pick through dialogue options much like in Mass Effect or Kingdoms of Amalur. I don’t think the choices you pick actually have a real effect on the game but they did make me feel like I was a part of the story.

dungeon siege 3 world 3

I almost forgot about the loot! The loot is rewarding. The game is not quite the farm machine as the Diablo games but it offers similar fun combat with a rewarding feeling. And the armor and weapons look really freakin cool and are even animated! I think the game offers a really wonderful single-player experience. It would be cool if you could jump online and play with random people if the playerbase was there, but I didn’t think it was necessary. I also really liked the Treasures of the Sun DLC. I’m not sure exactly how much more content it added as I’ve taken plenty of breaks between game time, but I know it offers a pretty fair amount for a DLC pack. If you’re interested, I have a lot more beautiful screenshots. I will definitely play through the game again with the other characters. Maybe we can play together. Thanks for reading!

Dante’s Inferno Is Definitely For Adults

Dante’s Inferno was like taking Kratos from God of War through the darker parts of the movie What Dreams May Come. (If you haven’t seen that movie you really should!) The game immediately jumps into its mature theme by throwing boobs at you. I’ve got no problem with that. It is definitely not for kids. Almost the whole game is filled with mature content that isn’t just violence.

dantes inferno artI loved the story. It seemed a bit ironic though. Dante cheated on his wife, and then proceeds to go through Hell to rescue her soul from it. I dunno about you, but I thought that was pretty friggin funny. The story is told through both present time and flashbacks so you know the basics of what’s going on but you get some cooler insight into the full back-story of the characters throughout the game. The story is also told through two different types of cinematics – gorgeous CGI, and comic book styled stills. The CGI is used for the main story and the comic book stills are used for the flashbacks. I really liked how it was done. I was interested in the story throughout the entire game and it’s not even that complicated, it’s just cool and always evolving. There weren’t long breaks between gameplay and story. I thought it had a really good pace.

dantes inferno death

One of my favorite things about the combat is the fact that your main weapon is Death’s scythe. I just love stuff like that. Your secondary weapon is a powerful cross that acts like a magic spell but crazily enough doesn’t cost any mana so that was cool. The combat consists of some really fun button mashing but awards you with some extra combo attacks as you level up for those of you that prefer more precise actions. I prefer simplistic button mashing so I really enjoyed it, but I also prefer having more than two attacks and Dante’s Inferno did not disappoint. There’s no real long chain of attacks but I found the combat to be pretty fluid and for the most part allowed smooth transitions between strong, fast, and magic attacks. There are some pauses and it wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty dang good.

The leveling system consists of two choices: Holy and Unholy. As you play through the game you will come across NPCs that you can either absolve or punish. I play games to be a hero so of course I absolved them all, no matter how evil they were. When you find one of these lost souls in the game, before you select whether you absolve or punish them the game tells you who they are and what they did. I thought that was pretty cool. You come across some familiar names in history, I don’t want to spoil them for you. You can even absolve or punish the normal enemies during normal combat also, building up your Unholy or Holy XP. Each tree has a nice selection of abilities to choose from. There were a few I completely skipped over as I wasn’t the least bit interested in them. It’s a neat system adding a bit more depth to a game I thought didn’t even need it.

Something that stood out to me was the simplicity of the puzzles. I love these action/platformer games but they always drive me nuts when I get stuck at some stupid puzzle that is solved by something that makes absolutely no sense. Dante’s Inferno wasn’t like that. The puzzles weren’t always overly obvious, but they also weren’t too hard either. It was really nice, it added an extra element to the game without ruining it.

dantest inferno boss

I think this game is as good as the God of War games. For me that’s saying a lot. It took a real long time for me to come across any games that could compete with God of War in my mind. Not even Devil May Cry pulled it off even though those games do have some pretty epic bosses. Dante’s Inferno even scales like the God of War games with the feeling that you’re in a massive world, and the bosses are just as epic also. It’s so good I can barely remember the things I didn’t like about it. I should have taken note! I know there were some spots where I died that I thought I shouldn’t have, but overall it was really damn good. You can even do a New Game Plus but they don’t actually call it that. I think it’s something like Resurrection Mode. And you can change the difficulty too. I hate when games lock you out of difficulties you didn’t beat it on, kinda ruins the point of a New Game Plus in my opinion.

Final rating: It’s a must play. I flew through the game, couldn’t put it down.

dantes inferno combat 2

That is the end of my review. Spoilers ahead for those of you that wish to know exactly what kind of mature content the game has!

One of the normal enemies you come across in the game is a female demon who when she first appears acts super sensual even tho she’s basically hideous. She proceeds to open up her belly and have a large tentacle come out and then she holds it and caresses it like she’s jerking herself off. It’s freakin hilarious and awesome. And they are damn deadly too! One of the enormous bosses in the game is topless and spawns creatures from her nipples. Seriously. It’s insanely cool. Honestly I didn’t think the nudity was gratuitous and just fits the theme of the game.