My Favorites In Steams Recent Greenlight

Hey fellow gamers! Steam just greenlit 37 more games recently. I have picked out the ones I was most interested in to share them here with you. I will be sharing them in alphabetical order so there won’t be any particular order by which one is my favorite. These all look cool to me. I’m just gonna tell you the games name, give you a link to the page, a link to the trailer (some of the games have a few trailers, I picked out the one I thought was the best), and also my thoughts on how it looks. Please feel free to let me know which ones looked good to you also!

Blood of the Werewolf (pictured below) – Action-platformer that looks challenging. I prefer my games to be simpler but this definitely looks really cool. You play as a werewolf! Trailer.

blood of the werewolf a

Ikaruga – Beautiful top-down flying shooter like Galaga and such. Trailer.

Metal War Online – Free to play online multiplayer futuristic vehicle combat. I love games like this. It looks real fun. There’s a few trailers and unfortunately they’re all very bad. Skimming through each did give me an idea this might be a browser game but playing games through Steam is still cool. It was originally published in Russia. I look forward to trying this one out. Trailer.

neverending nightmares

Neverending Nightmares (pictured above) – I am not an Adventure fan but the artistic style and creepiness of this game is very cool! Looks interesting. Trailer.

Ravensword: Shadowlands (pictured below) – The trailer impressed me because the graphics are pretty dang nice. The combat looks a little bit clunky but I’m hoping and guessing that it may be pre-alpha footage or so. It definitely has a lot of potential. It’s an action-RPG similar to Kingdoms of Amalur, and Skyrim and such. I can only imagine if they keep offering updates to the game they can make it pretty spectacular. Trailer.


Real World Racing! This is one I really looked forward to. It’s just that bothersome convenience of Steam (lol) or I would have bought it sooner. It’s a top-down racing game with absolutely gorgeous graphics. A cool note is that in celebration of their Greenlight the devs have put the game on sale again for $7.50 on the main website, and will give a Steam key to anybody that purchases it from them on top of their DRM free copy. Trailer.

The Fall – I’m not exactly sure what to say about this one other than it looks interesting. Here’s what the dev says: Think – Super Metroid meets Monkey Island – The Fall is a unique blend of action platforming and traditional adventure gaming, with a strong story, and an emphasis on exploration, and mystery. Trailer.

The Sparkle 2: Evo – I have no idea wtf this is, but it is beautiful! The game is described as a simulation, where you guide an aquatic creature from a tiny speck of life to a magnificent organism. Trailer.

Tiny Barbarian DX – Both the name and the graphics totally make me laugh. While thetiny barbarian graphics are unimpressive, the game looks super fun! It’s an action platformer. Apparently the game is episodic and if you buy it you will receive the new episodes as they come out. You can buy it from the devs website if you wish. You will also get a Steam copy if you buy it directly from the developer. There’s also a free version of the original Tiny BarbarianTrailer.

Wrack – Neat lookin shooter-platformer. Looks like it has a nice mix of melee and shooting combat. I’m going to link you to the developer Vlog because it’s actually pretty cool and explains the game really well. The trailer is nice, but this Vlog kicks ass.

I’m gonna throw out a couple of “honorable mentions” to Fotanica and Universum. I’ve played a bit of Fotanica on OnLive and it’s a fun platformer. Universum was created by one guy and looks absolutely amazing. I recently wrote about it being on Kickstarter and it flew past its goal in no time!

Of course there’s a few more cool looking games on the list that just aren’t my kind of thing. Definitely check out the full list of recently Greenlit games and let me know if you spotted any favorites I didn’t mention.


The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 – Spoiler Free Thoughts

In The Wolf Among Us, Fables have been exiled from their Homeland and live in the real world using magic called Glamour to hide their true selves from us. Many of the Fables struggle to survive in the real world. Fantasy and happiness are no longer a part of their lives. This is a tale of devastation, sadness, and memories long past.

You play as Sheriff Bigby Wolf, a Fable struggling with his own inner Bad Wolf, who does what he can to keep the Fables from killing each other, and to keep the city safe and make sure that Fables are always in disguise, which often proves troublesome.  Bigby has a bad rep and the other Fables fear him but he’s trying to redeem himself.

I had fallen in love with Telltale Games characters and story-telling in The Walking Dead game, but I am far more interested in the Fables of The Wolf Among Us like Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Ichabod Crane, and more in the first episode alone, than I am in survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

the wolf among us beaten

As you play the game you gain insights into each of the Fabled characters through the “Book of Fables” that tells you more about the characters after you meet them in the game. I thought it was really cool because I never read the Fable comic books so I had no idea what exactly they were about. I had read a tiny bit to know the comics were about famous fabled characters but I didn’t look too deep into it.


Fables are hard to kill, but they aren’t completely invincible. They can still feel pain, and they can still die. A Fable hasn’t died in a very long time though, and The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 jumps us into some quick action before discovering a murder.

The controls are a little weird on the keyboard. There’s just a tiny struggle to walk in a straight line; that can be expected though, can’t it? It isn’t troublesome though because you only use it to navigate your character through the world. It won’t ruin any action scenes and it’s not overly bothersome, it was just noticeable.

the wolf among us c

The thing that stood out to me the most was how well the Quick-Time Events were handled for keyboard users. When prompted with the A, S, D, and W keys, you also see an animated arrow showing the direction you need to move integrated into the button prompt. The visuals on the arrows are not distracting and blend right in but are noticeable enough to follow them perfectly. Thank you so much for that Telltale! I do think developers could get rid of the A, S, D, and W prompts completely and just show the direction arrows. Why do they keep insisting on showing the keys?!

There are a few button masher prompts in the game. Normally these are my most hated QTEs. However, in The Wolf Among Us they actually felt like they mattered. You don’t just mash a button to open a door or something silly like that. When you need to mash a button is when there is an actual struggle going on during the combat scene. Even though I would prefer it not to be there, it felt like it belonged.

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of actual interaction… again. This is Tell-A-Tale Games after all. I love the gameplay enough to want more, and they keep disappointing me! Thankfully the rare action scenes you do encounter in The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 are actually pretty action packed!

the wolf among us b


I’m not going to spoil anything for you. I just want to say that I am completely fascinated by the stories involved in the world of The Wolf Among Us. It makes me want to read the Fables comic book that it is based on. I’ve always loved the Fabled characters, and this is an interesting take on it. Nothing about the original stories are ruined because they haven’t been changed. The characters are now living in our world under real circumstances while their fairy-tale has been long past.

The music is amazing. It sets the mood with the perfect combination of creepy, yet serene.

I wanted to play the episode again immediately after completing it so I could see how the other choices played out.

As for the rest of the game you’ll need to find out for yourself. These lips are sealed. =) Please feel free to check out some more of my screenshots of The Wolf Among Us Episode 1. (Possible spoilers.)

Rain Completed On PlayStation 3

Rain is about a young boy who sees a ghost being chased by a demon, and follows her into her world with the intention of helping. I thought the story was really beautiful. The boy and the girl help each other throughout the game. There were times that I could run ahead of the girl and let her catch up but because I really cared for the characters, I would wait for her instead.

There are eight chapters total and while the first six chapters are fun and completely enjoyable, they’re also very slow and nothing really happens story-wise. The journey is interesting since you don’t actually fight enemies, but use the environment to avoid them and block their paths on occasion instead.

The game as a whole ended up being pretty amazing. I think mostly because the final two chapters really fleshed the story out in a completely unexpected manner. Not that the story itself wasn’t predictable. It was the way it was presented that made it special.

rain a

While playing Rain, for some reason I couldn’t help but think of it as a 3D pop-up book. I think because most Adventure games stick you in a 2D world with 3D elements, while Rain thrusts the world out at you. Unlike a lot of other Adventure games, you play out the entire story with the controller. You don’t sit and watch 90% of it. Text displays across the screen as you walk or run through the game, textually narrating the story as you progress. Unfortunately it wasn’t perfect.

As cool as the textual narration was, I missed a couple of story-based one-liners because I moved too fast through the scene that showed it, which did have an effect on my mood and the games atmosphere. Instead of continuing on with ease, I wondered what I missed! The good thing is the story is very simple and easy to follow, so whatever I missed wasn’t important, but it would have kept me emotionally involved a tiny bit more.

I thought the use of rain and cover from rain was a neat looking mechanic in the trailers. I enjoyed it even more playing it for myself. The rain effect was really nice, but I really love rainy weather in real life, it’s my favorite! So that probably contributed to how immersed I was into the game.

A lot of the camera angles in the game are just amazing. They really set a wonderful scene and let me get a real good idea of the world I was in. One of the developer diaries had mentioned how they wanted the game to make you feel like you were alone. Throughout most of the game I couldn’t help but laugh at the idea because you are almost always avoiding demons that want to harm you. But there were a few parts where I actually did feel completely alone, not in a depressing way though which makes it hard to describe. It was really neat.

Thankfully the music is actually original. After all the trailers I had seen for the game, I was worried that the famous song they kept using in them would have been the most used song in the game. It wasn’t.

rain b

Overall I really enjoyed the game. The visuals are beautiful. The story was simple but interesting. The gameplay was fun. The music is wonderful and really sets the mood. Rain is a beautiful experience.

Possible Spoiler (I don’t think it is.) – And the best part? The whole time I played through the game I couldn’t help but think it had zero replay value. There’s exploration but it’s unrewarded, at first. After you beat the game, you can play it again and find hidden memories that offer more story. That was a nice surprise. I was wondering why there were so many areas I could explore in the game but were there for no apparent reason. – End of possible spoiler.

That’s all the good stuff. I saved the bad for last.

Having to hold the run button practically the entire game was pretty silly. It would have been nice if they had made running the default movement, and had a walk button instead.

Some of the control mechanics were purposefully slow which could get you into needless trouble. For example opening a door would have a delay. Pushing objects would take a ridiculously long time even if you weren’t in any imminent danger. This ruined the mood for me sometimes because it unnecessarily slowed down the pace of the game.

During some parts where my character was invisible except for footprints it was really hard to tell where I was. Obviously, right? Sometimes it would be a little frustrating because the camera angles would make it hard to tell where I should go next. It was just another thing that could ruin the mood, fortunately it never lasted long.

Those are all my notes so it’s not too bad. The game is short but wonderful. I will definitely play again but probably not any time soon. I look forward to finding the extra memories I unlocked the next time I play.