My Favorites In Steams Recent Greenlight

Hey fellow gamers! Steam just greenlit 37 more games recently. I have picked out the ones I was most interested in to share them here with you. I will be sharing them in alphabetical order so there won’t be any particular order by which one is my favorite. These all look cool to me. I’m just gonna tell you the games name, give you a link to the page, a link to the trailer (some of the games have a few trailers, I picked out the one I thought was the best), and also my thoughts on how it looks. Please feel free to let me know which ones looked good to you also!

Blood of the Werewolf (pictured below) – Action-platformer that looks challenging. I prefer my games to be simpler but this definitely looks really cool. You play as a werewolf! Trailer.

blood of the werewolf a

Ikaruga – Beautiful top-down flying shooter like Galaga and such. Trailer.

Metal War Online – Free to play online multiplayer futuristic vehicle combat. I love games like this. It looks real fun. There’s a few trailers and unfortunately they’re all very bad. Skimming through each did give me an idea this might be a browser game but playing games through Steam is still cool. It was originally published in Russia. I look forward to trying this one out. Trailer.

neverending nightmares

Neverending Nightmares (pictured above) – I am not an Adventure fan but the artistic style and creepiness of this game is very cool! Looks interesting. Trailer.

Ravensword: Shadowlands (pictured below) – The trailer impressed me because the graphics are pretty dang nice. The combat looks a little bit clunky but I’m hoping and guessing that it may be pre-alpha footage or so. It definitely has a lot of potential. It’s an action-RPG similar to Kingdoms of Amalur, and Skyrim and such. I can only imagine if they keep offering updates to the game they can make it pretty spectacular. Trailer.


Real World Racing! This is one I really looked forward to. It’s just that bothersome convenience of Steam (lol) or I would have bought it sooner. It’s a top-down racing game with absolutely gorgeous graphics. A cool note is that in celebration of their Greenlight the devs have put the game on sale again for $7.50 on the main website, and will give a Steam key to anybody that purchases it from them on top of their DRM free copy. Trailer.

The Fall – I’m not exactly sure what to say about this one other than it looks interesting. Here’s what the dev says: Think – Super Metroid meets Monkey Island – The Fall is a unique blend of action platforming and traditional adventure gaming, with a strong story, and an emphasis on exploration, and mystery. Trailer.

The Sparkle 2: Evo – I have no idea wtf this is, but it is beautiful! The game is described as a simulation, where you guide an aquatic creature from a tiny speck of life to a magnificent organism. Trailer.

Tiny Barbarian DX – Both the name and the graphics totally make me laugh. While thetiny barbarian graphics are unimpressive, the game looks super fun! It’s an action platformer. Apparently the game is episodic and if you buy it you will receive the new episodes as they come out. You can buy it from the devs website if you wish. You will also get a Steam copy if you buy it directly from the developer. There’s also a free version of the original Tiny BarbarianTrailer.

Wrack – Neat lookin shooter-platformer. Looks like it has a nice mix of melee and shooting combat. I’m going to link you to the developer Vlog because it’s actually pretty cool and explains the game really well. The trailer is nice, but this Vlog kicks ass.

I’m gonna throw out a couple of “honorable mentions” to Fotanica and Universum. I’ve played a bit of Fotanica on OnLive and it’s a fun platformer. Universum was created by one guy and looks absolutely amazing. I recently wrote about it being on Kickstarter and it flew past its goal in no time!

Of course there’s a few more cool looking games on the list that just aren’t my kind of thing. Definitely check out the full list of recently Greenlit games and let me know if you spotted any favorites I didn’t mention.


Please give me your feedback! I'll get back at ya soon.

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