My Return To Diablo 3

When Diablo 3 first came out I had 90 hours played on it within its first week. I love the game. I loved both Diablo 1 and 2 and I thought 3 was a major improvement. Like many fans, I also really liked the stat choice and skill builds in Diablo 2, but unlike many fans I thought Diablo 3’s character build  was better. I played Diablo 2 for five years and had probably made at least thirty accounts (guesstimating) filled up with every single class using every single possible build. My average level for a character in Diablo 2 was 85. Getting higher than that was a major grind. I did have some level 90’s but mostly I wanted to keep building up the different class types and see what I could do with them. The reason I mention that is because of the fact that I like Diablo 3 more. I want you to know I don’t like Diablo 3 more because I didn’t play enough of the first two.

While Diablo 2 had a ton of customization, a lot of it was completely unnecessary. That’s why I like Diablo 3 more. It simplified the builds while also allowing us to change them at any time and experiment with the different abilities instead of having to re-level up over and over and over again.

The first class I started off with was the Monk. I love Monks in video games! I played the monk for quite awhile, I think until level 56 where Idiablo 3 monk got sick of getting killed easily everywhere. The Monk sure has some nice survival abilities but as a melee class it is really tough. I had stepped into the Hell difficulty and basically stood no chance against Champions and bosses by the end of the first act. That was when I realized “why does every damn video game make it so easy for ranged classes, and so hard on melee?” I had even played with a friend for a bit who was using the Demon Hunter class. That class is so cool! Well they all are really. After playing with her and seeing how much easier of a time it was for her to maneuver and kill, I decided to put more time into a ranged class also.

I had already played every class until about level 10 after I got my Monk to 50 or so, maybe even sooner, just to check them out. So when I decided to play a new class for a longer period I chose the Witch Doctor. And oh man is the Witch Doctor freakin awesome! I like it way more than I did the Necromancer in the second game, and the Necromancer was a badass. It’s been quite awhile since I played the Witch Doctor. I stepped away from the game for several months and I’ll explain why very shortly. I got my Witch Doctor to level 60 with the help of a friend. My friend hooked me up with an insanely powerful weapon that was literally 10x stronger than any weapon I had found on my own. Seriously. That changed everything. I was already enjoying my Witch Doctor but once I equipped that powerful weapon, I started tearing monsters up rapidly. I thought I was killing them fast enough already, I was really surprised at the difference. It relieved a lot of frustration I was feeling for quite awhile.

diablo 3 witch doctor

Once I reached level 60 on my Witch Doctor I decided to give my Monk that same weapon and try him out some more. It was a drastic improvement. I can still die far more quickly with him than my Witch Doctor but he also kills so much faster that he has a better chance of surviving.

That brings me to the real reason I wanted to write this. Why I stopped playing Diablo 3 for such a long time. I love the game. It’s just not rewarding. Both Diablo 1 and 2 had rewarding loot. Even with terrible luck you eventually got loot that literally stood out from the rest. It felt like you hit a jackpot. No such feeling exists in Diablo 3. Every single rare and unique item I’ve found has basically been complete trash. It feels like you’d be lucky to get one really good item out of 5,000 that dropped. I’m not kidding. The stats on the items make no sense at all. Last night I got a rare Barbarian belt with the main stat being intellect. This happens all the time. On top of that, I find all these level 50+ items for my monk that should be upgrades but are no better than the level 20 and level 30 items I have equipped. They are in fact much, much worse. Again, I’m not kidding. I’d taken some screenshots as examples back when I was first playing the game a ton but I can’t find em. I probably deleted them after I shared em back then. I’ve seen screenshots and links to set items in the game and they are absolutely nothing worth looking forward to.

diablo 3 loot

All that said, the game is awesome. I just really think the people that worked on the itemization of the game should be slapped, and slapped hard. I have no idea wtf is going on in their heads to make this loot system so completely useless. I believe this is where the Auction House comes in. I’m totally fine with the Auction House, and I loved the idea of making real money from it but I’ve never found any items that are worth selling. Sure I could go buy some but I get pleasure out of finding the items for myself. And that just doesn’t happen in this game. So my problem when I first started playing the game was that I was expecting to get some kind of rewarding feeling from monster hunting. Now, I just play to slay some demons for the heck of it and I don’t even expect any good drops. It’s made the game easier to enjoy for sure. But it’s still very frustrating looting anything. It needs a wider range of worthwhile items. They seem pretty focused on “end game” when they should be making exceptional and stand-out items for all level ranges.

Diablo 3 is a really great game and the graphics are gorgeous!


Vault of the Gameverse – My New Site

I’ve been working on this website for a couple of weeks now. Most of my newest video game content is there now. The site is dedicated to what I think is the coolest gaming news, the coolest game sales, and whatever cool or interesting stuff is going on in the gaming world. I still plan to get a logo and a new header up. Have a look and let me know what you think. =)

Vault of the Gameverse