Dante’s Inferno Is Definitely For Adults

Dante’s Inferno was like taking Kratos from God of War through the darker parts of the movie What Dreams May Come. (If you haven’t seen that movie you really should!) The game immediately jumps into its mature theme by throwing boobs at you. I’ve got no problem with that. It is definitely not for kids. Almost the whole game is filled with mature content that isn’t just violence.

dantes inferno artI loved the story. It seemed a bit ironic though. Dante cheated on his wife, and then proceeds to go through Hell to rescue her soul from it. I dunno about you, but I thought that was pretty friggin funny. The story is told through both present time and flashbacks so you know the basics of what’s going on but you get some cooler insight into the full back-story of the characters throughout the game. The story is also told through two different types of cinematics – gorgeous CGI, and comic book styled stills. The CGI is used for the main story and the comic book stills are used for the flashbacks. I really liked how it was done. I was interested in the story throughout the entire game and it’s not even that complicated, it’s just cool and always evolving. There weren’t long breaks between gameplay and story. I thought it had a really good pace.

dantes inferno death

One of my favorite things about the combat is the fact that your main weapon is Death’s scythe. I just love stuff like that. Your secondary weapon is a powerful cross that acts like a magic spell but crazily enough doesn’t cost any mana so that was cool. The combat consists of some really fun button mashing but awards you with some extra combo attacks as you level up for those of you that prefer more precise actions. I prefer simplistic button mashing so I really enjoyed it, but I also prefer having more than two attacks and Dante’s Inferno did not disappoint. There’s no real long chain of attacks but I found the combat to be pretty fluid and for the most part allowed smooth transitions between strong, fast, and magic attacks. There are some pauses and it wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty dang good.

The leveling system consists of two choices: Holy and Unholy. As you play through the game you will come across NPCs that you can either absolve or punish. I play games to be a hero so of course I absolved them all, no matter how evil they were. When you find one of these lost souls in the game, before you select whether you absolve or punish them the game tells you who they are and what they did. I thought that was pretty cool. You come across some familiar names in history, I don’t want to spoil them for you. You can even absolve or punish the normal enemies during normal combat also, building up your Unholy or Holy XP. Each tree has a nice selection of abilities to choose from. There were a few I completely skipped over as I wasn’t the least bit interested in them. It’s a neat system adding a bit more depth to a game I thought didn’t even need it.

Something that stood out to me was the simplicity of the puzzles. I love these action/platformer games but they always drive me nuts when I get stuck at some stupid puzzle that is solved by something that makes absolutely no sense. Dante’s Inferno wasn’t like that. The puzzles weren’t always overly obvious, but they also weren’t too hard either. It was really nice, it added an extra element to the game without ruining it.

dantest inferno boss

I think this game is as good as the God of War games. For me that’s saying a lot. It took a real long time for me to come across any games that could compete with God of War in my mind. Not even Devil May Cry pulled it off even though those games do have some pretty epic bosses. Dante’s Inferno even scales like the God of War games with the feeling that you’re in a massive world, and the bosses are just as epic also. It’s so good I can barely remember the things I didn’t like about it. I should have taken note! I know there were some spots where I died that I thought I shouldn’t have, but overall it was really damn good. You can even do a New Game Plus but they don’t actually call it that. I think it’s something like Resurrection Mode. And you can change the difficulty too. I hate when games lock you out of difficulties you didn’t beat it on, kinda ruins the point of a New Game Plus in my opinion.

Final rating: It’s a must play. I flew through the game, couldn’t put it down.

dantes inferno combat 2

That is the end of my review. Spoilers ahead for those of you that wish to know exactly what kind of mature content the game has!

One of the normal enemies you come across in the game is a female demon who when she first appears acts super sensual even tho she’s basically hideous. She proceeds to open up her belly and have a large tentacle come out and then she holds it and caresses it like she’s jerking herself off. It’s freakin hilarious and awesome. And they are damn deadly too! One of the enormous bosses in the game is topless and spawns creatures from her nipples. Seriously. It’s insanely cool.¬†Honestly I didn’t think the nudity was gratuitous and just fits the theme of the game.